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Title[Allan George Barnard Fisher (1895-1976), economist]
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DescriptionDetailed manuscript lecture notes made by [A G B Fisher], 1922-24,including:
11. "Principles of banking and currency", by Dr Gregory, 1923-24.
14. "Foreign exchanges and international banking", by Dr Gregory.
21. "Industrial institutions", Mrs V Anstey.
22. Industrial organisation (Part I) (with special reference to labour)", by Dr Dalton, 1923.
30. "General principles of economc analysis", by Robbins.
33. "Principles of currency", by Hayek.
35. "Some problems of industry", by Dr H Dalton, 1924.
50. "Elements of economics", by Dr Dalton, 1922-23.
52. "Principles of economics", by Professor Cannan, 1922-23.
58. "State regulation of wages", Mrs Burns, 1923.
92. "The geographical factor in history", by Sir Halford Mackinder.
102. "Growth of English industry with special reference to the period after 1760", by Professor L Knowles.
110. "Economic history from 1485", by Miss Power.
154. "Psychological theory of law", by Baron Meyendorff.
158. "Introduction to the theory of the state", by H J Laski.
163. "The British empire", by Professor Graham Wallas.
164. "Some psychological problems of modern society", by Graham Wallas.
166. "A history of political ideas (advanced)", by H J Laski.
181. "Political factor in economic development of Russia", by Baron Meyendorff.
193. Social philosophy (introductory)", by Miss Christie.
194. "Greek life and thought", by A Zimmern.
203. "Comparative labour legislation", by Mr Cohen.
211. "Social philosophy and psychology", by Professor L T Hobhouse.
212. "Comparative ethics and religion", by Professor L T Hobhouse.
213. "Social rights and duties", by Professor Westermarck.
226. "Modern ethical theories", by Dr M Ginsberg.
234. "General statistics", by Professor A L Bowley.
236. "Current statistical questions", by Professor A L Bowley, 1924.
Untitled lecture by J W F Rowe.

Typescript [lecture] notes on economics [by Fisher?].

"The economic resources and potentialities of Arab Asia and Egypt", paper, Foreign Research and Press Service, Balliol College, Oxford, 22 July 1941.

Published articles by Fisher.
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