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Discrete CollectionsThe Women's Library
TitleStrand 7: Personal Papers
Ref NoStrand/07
Extent216 archives (c 1,000 A boxes)
Custodial HistoryArchives were originally given a mnemonic code. Very small individual collections were usually numbered on a consecutive basis (e.g. 7/XX35), but occasionally the Library has received more records from the same source, or a small collection has actually been given a mnemonic code. Biographical typescripts and resource material for books were usually given a 'y' coding (e.g. 7/YY15) but practice was not always consistent.
Later, possibly in the late 1990s, the archives were given alpha numeric references related to the persons' name, such as 7MGF Millicent Garrett Fawcett.
DescriptionThe Women's Library Archives Strand 7: Personal Papers consists of the papers and memorabilia of individual women. The majority of these women were campaigners for women's rights from suffrage through to the women's liberation movement. Occasionally archives representing non-campaigning women have been deposited in the past. Archives include those of suffragists and suffragettes, and activists with a particular interest in issues from peace to reproductive rights, journalists, writers, lawyers, union members and students. Men who have been active in campaigining for women's rights have also been collected by the Library such as Hugh Franklin (7HFD). See individual collection descriptions for more details.

Material is predominantly in English, though other languages (mostly European) are also represented

As at 2008 The Strand comprised the following archives:
7AAB Papers of Alice Ann Burbury (1872-1893)
7ACA Papers of Alice Cameron (1891-1964)
7ACP Papers of Alicia Percival (1954-1980)
7ADA Papers of Anna Davin (1969 - 1986 )
7AHA Papers of AH Askanasy (c.1950)
7AHW Papers of Alice Helena Alexandra Williams (1893-1959)
7ALH Papers of Alice Hemming (1951-1972)
7ALL Papers of Annette Lawson (1995)
7ALO Papers of Lady Antonella Lothian (c.1999)
7AMA Papers of Dame Adelaide Anderson (1885-1936 )
7AMM Papers of Annie Marienne Marsland (1937-1942 )
7AMP Papers of A Muriel Pierotti (1912-1978 )
7AMR Papers of Agnes Maude Royden (1900-1955)
7ANG Papers of Angela Martin (1982-2000)
7ANK Papers of Annette Kuhn (1970-1987)
7ARA Papers of Annie Ramsay (1913)
7ASC Papers of Amelia Scott (c.1870-1954)
7AUJ Papers of Audrey Jones (1995-1996)
7BAN Papers of Barbara Andrews nee Campbell (1904-1920 )
7BCA Papers of Barbara Cartland (1993-1998)
7BDO Papers of Bernard Dobson (1947-2002 )
7BEH Papers of Betty Heathfield (1962-1986)
7BEV Papers of Elizabeth Vernon (May 1957)
7BFR Papers of Berta Freistadt (1950-1984)
7BHM Papers of Beatrice Heron Maxwell (c.1890-c.1920 )
7BMC Papers of Barbara McCrimmon related to Barbara Leigh Bodichon (1826-1989)
7BNS Papers of Baroness Beatrice Nancy Seear (1963-1988 )
7BRA Metropolitan Police Notice of Georgina Brackenbury (11 Feb 1908)
7BSH Strachey Family Papers (1902-1999)
7BSI Scrapbooks of Bayard Simmons (1931-1951)
7CFD Papers of Charlotte Despard (1920-1931)
7CHB Papers of Chili Bouchier (c.1909-1999)
7CHC Papers of Marjorie Chave Collisson (1953-1979)
7CLW Papers of Dr Cynthia White (1956-1989 )
7CMK Papers of Catherine Mary Kirk (1957-1982)
7CMS Papers of Charlotte Mary Stott (1950-1989)
7CNM Papers of Claire Madden (c.1910-1990 )
7COG Papers of Cornelius Gronow (1917)
7CTH Papers of Catherine Thackray (c.1992)
7DDF Papers of Denise Dillon Fuge (c.1982)
7DDO Papers of Papers of Daisy Dobson (1927-1950)
7DEB Papers of Dorothea Edith Belfield (1930s)
7DEL Papers of Dorothy Mary Elliott (1914-1969)
7DFP Dorothy Foster Place (nee Abraham) (c.1974)
7DMB Papers of Dorothea M Barton (c.1900-1920)
7DME Papers of Dorothy Elizabeth Evans (1933-1934)
7DNC Papers of Doris Nield Chew (1925-1984)
7DOM Papers of Dolly Morris (1924-c.1940)
7DOU Douie Family Papers (1885-1953)
7DSB Papers of Dorothy Shelagh Brown (1942-1945)
7EAW Papers of Elizabeth Wilson and Angela Weir (c.1970-c.1980)
7EDO Papers of Elizabeth Dowse (1826-1828)
7EDR Papers of EDM (Robin) Robson (1910-1911)
7EES Papers of Edith Eskrigge (1897-1999)
7EFA Papers of Emily Faithfull: autograph letters (1830s-1890s)
7EFR Papers of Elsa Fraenkel (1957-1967)
7EFY Papers of Elsie Fyffe (Nov-Dec 1941)
7EGA Papers of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (1871-1907)
7EGM Papers of Eunice Guthrie Murray (1895-1960)
7EHM Papers of Edith How-Martyn (1872-1950)
7EIJ Papers of Ellen Isabel Jones (1910-1950)
7ELB Papers of Elsie Edith Bowerman (1910-1977)
7ELG Papers of Elizabeth Gundrey (1959-1975)
7ELR Papers of Eleanor Rathbone (1929-1937)
7ELW Diaries of Ellen Louise Whelan (1935-1982)
7EMC Papers of Elsie May Cannon (1920-1988)
7EMF Papers of Everild Feeny (1977-1996)
7EMH Books and papers relating to EM Hull (1860s-1950s)
7EML Papers of Eveline M Lowe (1939-1956)
7EMW Papers of Edith Mary Watson (1907-1995)
7ENH Papers of Enid Hutchinson (1882-1996)
7EOB Papers of Emil Oberholzer (1956-1975)
7ESH Papers of Elaine Showalter (1969-1997 )
7ESP Papers of, and relating to, Sylvia Pankhurst (c.1930-2001)
7ESW Papers of Eva Stephenson and Maurice Wilkins (1910-1914)
7ETW Papers of Ethel Watts (1928-1961)
7EWD Papers of Emily Wilding Davison (1905-1989)
7EZT Papers of Eliza Tabor (Stephenson) (1850-1899)
7FBG Papers of Fiona Billington-Greig and family (1895-1994)
7FCS Memoir of Florence C Stevens (c.1909)
7FWH Papers of Mrs F White (c.1910-1912)
7GFW Papers of Miss Goodfellow [goes to Hollywood] (1978-1979)
7GLE Papers of Gertrude Leverkus (1976)
7GWL Papers of Gwen Lees (1926-1989 )
7HAM Papers of Mr Hamer (1867-1931)
7HAS Papers of Anne Haskall (1990-1996)
7HAY Papers of Sylvia Haymon (1961-1965)
7HBE Papers of Helen Bentwich (c.1910-c.1960)
7HCR Papers of Helen Craggs (1890-1966)
7HEF Papers of Helen Franks (c.1970-1990)
7HEN Papers of the Henderson Family (1904-1952)
7HEW Papers of Helen Ward (1924-1925)
7HFD Papers of Elsie Duval and Hugh Franklin (1910-1950)
7HLN Papers of Helena Normanton (1907-1957)
7HMC Papers of Harriet McIlquham (1896-1903)
7HMS Papers of Hilda Squire (1909-1972)
7HPA Papers of H Pearl Adam (1896-1956)
7HRM Papers of Harriet Martineau (1839-1901)
7HSE Papers of Hilda Seligman (1944-1952)
7HSH Papers of Hilda Marjory Sharpe (c.1988)
7IDE Papers of Isobel Denby (1912)
7IMB Papers of Ina Beasley (c.1928-c.1990)
7JAN Papers of Jayne and Juliet Nelson (1979-1997)
7JBE Papers of Jennifer Beresford (1993-1998)
7JCO Papers of Judith Condon (1975-1988)
7JDC Papers of Julia Cairns (Louisa M Davidson) (1940-1960)
7JEH Papers of Janet E Hadley (1969-1998 )
7JEN Papers of Miss Mary Jennings (1768-1773)
7JKE Papers of Jessie Kenney (1917-c.1960)
7JLI Papers of Jane Lidderdale (1962-1969)
7JMC Papers of Jean McCrindle, including records of Women Against Pit Closures (c.1980-2000 )
7JMS Papers of Jane Maria Strachey (1860-1920)
7JOL Papers of Joan Lock (1973-1982)
7JOS Papers of Jo Stanley (1991-1992)
7JPS Papers of (Joan) Pernel Strachey (1894-1951)
7JSR Papers of Jean Scott Rogers (1921-1956 )
7JTR Papers of Jill Truman (c. 1980-c. 2000)
7JUH Papers of Judith Hubback (1948-1997)
7KAB Papers of Kathleen Burton (1939-1945)
7KAH Papers of Kathleen Halpin (1966-1999)
7KDC Papers of Kathleen D'Olier Courtney (1881-1973)
7KGG Papers of Katie Gliddon (1900-1915)
7KHI Papers of Kathleen Hill (1996)
7KMA Papers of Kitty Marion (c.1870-1933)
7KPL Autobiography of Kay Pilpel (Dec 1996)
7LAC Papers of Annie Lacon (1905-1968)
7LBU Papers of Louie Burrell (1990s)
7LEB Papers of Lydia Becker (1770-1927)
7LGA Papers of Louisa Garrett Anderson (1879-1943)
7LHN Papers of Lady Helen Nutting (1938-1969 )
7LIM Papers of Lilian Mohin (1970-1977)
7LLS Papers of Lois Lang-Sims (1985)
7LOT Papers of Louisa Twining (1840-1871)
7LPO Papers of Luesa (Lisa) Pottesman (1933-1956)
7MAJ Papers of Mary Alexandra Jackson (1956-1997)
7MAM Papers of Dame Mary Smieton
7MAR Papers of Mary Anne Rawle (1907-2006)
7MAT Papers of Mildred Anna Rosalie Tuker (1888-1953)
7MBC Papers of Mary Beatrice Crowle (1914-1966)
7MBY Papers of Margaret Byham (1912-1913)
7MCA Papers of Margery Irene Corbett Ashby (1869-1979)
7MDS Manuscript of Mary Danvers Stocks (c.1954 )
7MEH Papers of Mary Eliza Haweis and family (1850s-1960s)
7MEP Papers of Margaret E Pillow (1891-1924)
7MER Papers of ME Roberts (1909-1938)
7MET Papers of Mary Ellen Taylor (1912-1971)
7MGE Papers of Lady Mary Gertrude Emmott (1916-1925)
7MGF Millicent Garrett Fawcett (1870-1929)
7MGR Papers relating to Frances May Greenup, Joseph Greenup and Elizabeth Bridge (1922-1998)
7MHE Papers of Margaret Heitland (1909-1948)
7MHK Manuscript by Mary Kingsley (27 Feb 1900)
7MHR Papers of Dr Margherita Rendel (1965-1988 )
7MJH Papers of Marjorie Hayward (1928-1968)
7MJS Papers of Margaret Judith Smieton (1919-1923)
7MLB Papers of Mary Leigh Brown (1909-1970)
7MLY Papers of Molly Mortimer (1923-1997)
7MMA Papers of Melanie Manchot (1996-1999)
7MMI Suffrage notebook [Gift of Mary Mills] (1908-1936)
7MMO Papers of May Morris (1960s-1980s)
7MOP Memoirs of Mollie Prendergast (Jun 2000)
7MPR Papers of Millie Price (nee Browne) (c 1960)
7MRS Papers of Mahduri R Shah (1960-1990)
7MSB Papers of Myra Sadd Brown (Apr 1938)
7MSH Papers of Mary Sheepshanks (1952-1953)
7MSM Papers of Margaret Stevenson Miller (1920-1930)
7NHH Papers of Nina Hutchison (nee Helweg) (1969-1994)
7NMA Papers of Norman Mackenzie (1937-1961)
7NOR Papers of Lady Florence Priscilla Norman (1871-1922)
7OCA Papers of Olwen Campbell (1900-1999)
7OCH Papers of Olive Chandler (1944-1945)
7OCW Papers of Octavia Wilberforce (1880-1969)
7PAC Papers of Pat Caplan (1975-1997)
7PAD Papers of Phyllis A Deakin (1908-1996)
7PBB Papers of Pam Baum Barker (1980s)
7PHF Papers of Phyllis Forman (c.1920s-2002)
7PHS Papers of Philippa Strachey (1925-1961 )
7PMA Papers of Pamela Anderson (1950-c.1970)
7POP Papers of Nina S Popplewell (1950s-1980s)
7PTS Papers of Dr Patricia Shaw (1948-1965 )
7RAR Papers of Roxane Arnold (c. 1993)
7RCB Papers of Ruth Cavendish Bentinck (1895-1930)
7RLY Papers of Rose Lamartine Yates (1910-1988)
7RMB Papers of Rosa May Billinghurst (1854-1917)
7ROD Papers of Ross Davies [Biography of Margaret Bondfield] (1970s-1980s)
7ROM Papers of Rose Morris (1968-1983)
7RPI Papers of Rachel Pinney (1960-1986)
7RSJ Papers of Ruth Jones (nee Slate) (1894-c.1980)
7RUT Papers of Ruth Tomlinson (1930-c.1950)
7SCT Papers relating to St. Clair Townsend (early 20th century)
7SDS Papers of Lady Simon of Wythenshawe (1904-1974)
7SEB Papers of Amanda Sebestyen (1969-1991 )
7SHJ Papers of Sheila Jeffreys (1970-c.1980)
7SHR Papers of Sheila Rowbotham (1969-1988)
7SMM Papers of Sarah Madeleine Martineau (1892-2005)
7SRE Papers related to Lady Stella Reading (1977-1990 )
7SUL Papers of Sue O'Sullivan (1970-c.1990)
7SWW Papers of Sybil W White (1911-1989)
7TAK Papers of Tamar Karet (1965-1981 )
7TBG Papers of Teresa Billington-Greig (1905-1964)
7UMH Papers of Una M Heler (1974-1982)
7URO Papers of Ursula Roberts (1920-1971)
7VDG Papers of Vida Goldstein (1902-1919)
7VIC Papers of Phyllis Vickers (1958)
7VIL Papers of [V I Lenin] (1950s)
7VJH Papers of Vera (Jack) Holme (1900-c.1962)
7VLI Papers of Victoria Lidiard (1908-1996)
7VNO Papers of Virginia Novarra (1970-1979)
7WAR Papers of Winifred Adair-Roberts (c.1909-1913)
7WCU Papers of Winifred Cullis (c.1900-1950s)
7WHO Papers related to Winifred Holtby (1930-1956)
7WIR Papers of [William] Ironside (1953-1957)
7WIW Papers of Winifred Wheatley (1911-1935)
7WWR Papers of Winifride Wrench (1917-1940)
7YVK Papers of Yvonne Kapp (1850s-1990s)
Related MaterialWithin the Women's Library there are close links to all the other Archive Strands:
1 Female Emigration Societies
2. Women's Suffrage Societies
3. Societies for the Abolition of State Regulation of Prostitution
4. Societies for the Suppression of Traffic in Persons
5. Campaigning Organisations
6. Women's Employment Organisations
8. Records of Oral History and Research Projects
9 Autograph Letter Collection
10. Fawcett Library Scrapbooks
11. Records of the Women's Library predecessor and associated bodies

The Women's Library Museum Collection also includes objects created /used by these women. The Women's Library Printed Collections holds a range of publications about or by many of these women. In particular the printed biographies and the biographical press cuttings provide contextual information about many of these women.
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsReaders are advised to contact The Women's Library @ LSE in advance of their first visit.
Uncatalogued archives are not currently available for consultation, but access status is under review; please contact us for further information.
A number of catalogued files are closed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
A number of items in the archives will require remedial conservation work before they can be accessed by the public - these are indicated on the catalogue.
Please see individual catalogues for further information
Items are sometimes in exhibitions, on site or externally - these are indicated on the catalogue
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