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TitleFrances, Mrs Juanita
Ref No8SUF/B/022
Box Fetch NoBox 1: Disc 5
Date14 Nov 1974
Extent65:59 mins
Admin Biographical HistorySee biography for Juanita Frances
DescriptionInterview took place at 87 Redington Road, Hampstead.

Interview summary:

Flora Drummond as Chair of the Women's Guild of Empire, her speaking style and political confusion. Autocratic nature of the Guilds. Role as Chair of the North Kensington Branch of the Women's Guild of Empire. Guild both anti-communist and anti-fascist. Influence of Communist Party during 1930s. Some women voting with their husbands during 1930s. Speakers invited to Guild events to talk on wide range of subjects. Flora Drummond's physical appearance. Her introduction to the national and international feminist world by Flora Drummond, who sent her to a conference. 1938 involvement with Equal Rights International Committee. Dorothy Evans, Monica Whately, both members of Equal Rights International. Dorothy Evans asked her to set up a committee on the status of married women. Fawcett Library research on the suffrage movement provided inspiration for setting up the Married Women's Association (MWA). How the MWA was organised. Dorothy Evans and Monica Whately's involvement in the Six Point Group. Linda Littlejohn. Ann Fraser.

Leaving London during the Second World War with her new baby. Outrage at the air raid injuries act which compensated people for injuries but excluded housewives. Impact on MWA of the war. Return to London, activists campaigning against the air raid injuries act. Large meeting held in Trafalgar Square, Ann Fraser's introduction to the feminist movement. Fraser worked with Teresa Billington-Greig on the Women for Westminster committee. Teresa Billington-Greig, relationship with her husband, oratory. First meeting Teresa Billington-Greig at the Minerva Club for suffragettes in Brunswick Square. Teresa Billington-Greig vice president of the Married Women's Association. Problems the MWA faced, membership.

Lobbying trawler men from Liverpool to share pay with their wives. Teresa Billington-Greig retaining her indignation regarding women's rights into the 1940s. Consulting Teresa Billington-Greig. Success of attachment of earnings bill in the House of Commons, Teresa Billington-Greig speaking as part of this campaign. Attitude of trade union men to women's issues. Her opinion on why women left speaking to the men. Doing all of the speaking for the MWA, and how she taught herself to be a public speaker. Success of MWA lobbying MPs.

Edward Heath as a speaker. Teresa Billington-Greig's physical appearance and personality. Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence a charming woman, and very capable speaker. Which issues she would seek advice from Teresa Billington-Greig on. Lobbying MPs on the status of the married woman. Anti-discrimination white paper currently going through parliament. Her hopes for the legislation, and the new manifestos of the main political parties. Her ideas regarding partnership in marriage. Labour Party policy. Her hostile attitude towards the contemporary Women's Liberation movement, which she thinks Teresa Billington-Greig would have shared.

Communist influence on the Women's Liberation Movement. How the Women's Liberation Movement differs from the work she has done on partnership in marriage. Flora Drummond being nicknamed 'The General.' The television series Shoulder to Shoulder, what she thought of it, how accurate it was. What she thought of Frederick Pethick-Lawrence and his attitude to partnership in marriage.

Interference at start of recording makes it difficult to hear for a few seconds.
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