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Discrete CollectionsThe Women's Library
TitleLawson, Miss Marie
Ref No8SUF/B/024
Box Fetch NoBox 1: Disc 6
Date20 Nov 1974
Extent79:49 mins
Admin Biographical HistorySee biography for Marie Lawson
DescriptionInterview took place at 44 Mount Street, London, W1Y 5RD. Also see interview 8SUF/B/023 and related interview [8SUF/B/44].

Interview summary:
0:00 mins:

Meeting Louisa Thomson-Price, Co-Director of the Minerva Publishing Company. Mrs. Despard's home at Esher. Mrs Despard's socialist activity. The split in the Women's Social & Political Union (WSPU). Mrs. Despard's speaking style. Her charity work. Comparison of her speaking style with Mrs Pankhurst's. Edith How-Martyn and her husband. Their academic connections and militancy. Mr. Clayton's his involvement in the Women's Freedom League. Djibbahs and dress reform in the Women's Freedom League. Mrs. Toyne's [?] efforts as a dress reformer.

15:00 mins:

Mrs. Teresa Billington-Greig's friendship with Edith How-Martyn. Comparison of the two women. The career of Miss Lawson's eldest brother. Death of her brother Fred at age 30 in Turkey. Her sisters. Encouraging one sister to join in feminist activities. Her youngest brother's participation in the Relief of Peking. Her sisters' opinions of her involvement with the suffragettes. Her father's pride in her and encouragement in her career. Going to Brussels at age 19/20 to be a secretary for the Molins Machine Company-manufacturers of cigarette machinery. Attending Red Lion Training College in London and the London School of Economics. Difficulty of women getting places in Law and Engineering. Friendship with Maw [?]. Her motorbike.

30:00 mins:
Chalking pavements for the WSPU. Public reaction to suffragette activities. Mrs. Despard's role in the Women's Freedom League. Lawson's secret acquisition of a printing press for suffrage publications during period of police repression, to aid Christabel's efforts in Paris. Mr. Sheridan's opinions on women's rights. The difficulty of getting her job in America. Politics within the WSPU.

45:00 mins:
Christabel's flat in Paris. Her character. Her mother's hunger strike. Miss Lawson's role in the tax resistance movement. The Women's Tax Resistance League. Mr. Mark Wilkes' imprisonment. Her participation in the Census Resistance Group. Finding a new location for the Sheridan firm during the Second World War.

60:00 mins:
Her office in Gray's Inn Road during the War. Membership in Civil Defence and Women's Voluntary Services. Paddington Borough Council ambulance unit. Lady Summerskill heading the campaign to admit women to the Home Guard. Dame Helen Windborne [?], head of the Women's Guard in the Second World War. Arrival in America after the War. Appointment of George Kent [?] to replace her as Managing Director at Sheridan. Her retirement. Lady Astor. Lack of long-term impact from WSPU, whose members were untrained for any future role. Mrs Pethick-Lawrence in later life. Miss Lawson's religious beliefs and those of her parents.

75:00 mins:
Her political beliefs. Discouragement with party politics after the fight for suffrage. Shift from Liberal to Conservative party. The Women's Election Committee in the 1920s.
Related Record8SUF/B/023
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsInterview recordings are available online and can be accessed at the link provided in this record.
Former Reference NumberTape 08
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