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Discrete CollectionsThe Women's Library
TitleRaphael, Mrs Winifred
Ref No8SUF/B/070
Box Fetch NoBox 1: Disc 16
Date2 Mar 1976
Extent81:50 mins
Admin Biographical HistorySee biography for Winifred Raphael
DescriptionInterview took place at 28 Clareville Grove, London SW7. Interviewee is the Industrial psychologist sister of Eva Hubback. Also see other interviews related to Hubback [8SUF/B/067, 8SUF/B/066, 8SUF/B/119, 8SUF/B/072, 8SUF/B/088, 8SUF/B/100, 8SUF/B/151, 8SUF/B/189, 8SUF/B/195].

Interview summary:
0:00 mins: Writing her first letter to the Prime Minister as a child. Took part in a suffrage procession with her mother and Eva Hubback, aged 11. Eva Hubback's personality. Eva's fondness for children. The two sisters were close friends. The strength of the family. Eva's devotion to her children and grandchildren. Eva's education and unhappiness at school. Her life at Newnham College, Cambridge and her contemporaries there. The importance of her friends. The effect of the First World war and her religious belief. Her family upset by her marriage to a non-Jew and the rift with Herbert Samuel.

15:00 mins: Newnham College broadened both sisters' lives. Eva's politics separated her from her family.. Eva's untidiness and unpunctuality. Her influence on Winifred. Eva's 'Confession Book'. Censorship of Winifred's reading. Winifred's attitude to Eva's career. Their parents' interest in social issues. The effect of Eva's marriage on the rest of the family. Her generosity towards relations and refugees.. Eva's closeness to her mother and care of her in older age. Winfred's training and study of psychology.

30:00 mins: Eva's health. Delegation of work, her secretaries. Eva's concern for her children, her fear of old age and her depression. Her link with Queen Mary. Her Jewishness, intellect and family feeling. Eleanor Rathbone's character. Eva's enjoyment of Christmas and casual attitude to food.

45:00 mins: Eva's wide general knowledge. Her parents' concern about her marriage. The source of her political ability. Her sensitivity and pleasure in being a reformer. The solidarity of the Jewish family.

60:00 mins: Eva's sense of humour. Her attitude to time. Her ambition. Her interest in education and attitude to Newnham College. Eva's father's character. Eva's mother as a model and matriarch. Eva's entry into politics. Eva's husband, his work and relationship with her family. Contrast between Eva and Eleanor Rathbone.

75:00mins: Eva's house, decoration and aesthetic leanings. Her children. Her methods of work. Her relationship with Erna Nelki.
Related Record8SUF/B/067
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsInterview recordings are available online and can be accessed at the link provided in this record.
Former Reference NumberTape 22
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