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TitleClark, F Le Gros
Ref No8SUF/B/081
Box Fetch NoBox 1: Disc 18
Date6 Apr 1976
Extent60:52 mins
DescriptionInterview took place at Flat 16, Park Close, Templar Road, Oxford.

0:00 mins: The campaign for Family Allownces Meeting Eva Hubback. The Children's Minimum Campaign. Nutritional condition of children in 1930s. The Children and Malnutrition Committee. Its members and Eva Hubback's involvement. The difficult times of the 1930s. Eleanor Rathbone's activities and the All party Committee. The National Council for Social Services.. The relationship between the two Children's Committees. The link to various Women's Organisations. Merger of committees and name change to Children's Nutrition Council in 1938. Meeting with Lord Woolton and improvement in provision of school meals and school milk. The role of the Committee. Regional development. Hunger marches of the 1930s. Eleanor Rathbone's campaign for Family Allowances

15:00 mins: 1937/38 the fusion of the Committees. Trade Unions attitude to Family Allowance.. Eleanor Rathbones influence as an MP. Eva Hubback's method of work and demands. Canvassing on her behalf at North Kensington election. Relief organisations before 1939. Eva's appearance and dress.Eleanor Rathbone's talks and views on politics. Eva's gift of getting on with men

30:00 mins: Eva's take up of population problems. The work of Children's Nutrition Council through the Second World War. Post war, legislation meant no more workfor Council. New Committee Council for Children's Welfare and its first campaign.
Nature of persons on these committees. Identifying an important cause. Importance of food and food relief. Approval of Eleanor Rathbone's campaign, Fabians and Feminists. Scientific interest pre 1939

45.00 mins
British Council of Adult Education. Clark's personal life. Eva's organisation of her life. The 1908 Inspection of Children Act.. The need for limited and attainable objects of reform. Children Welfare Committee too diffuse . Contrast between payment of Family Allowance in Finland and the UK. Books and pamphlets promoting nutrition. Relationship with Labour Party

60.00mins Learning conditions of working class. The women doctors in the East End

Biography: Frederick Le Gros Clark (1892-1977) was born in 1892, his father an eminent Doctor. He went up to Cambridge, but did not complete his degree, his studies being halted in 1914 by the Second World War. He served in the armed forces throughout the war and in 1918, on the last day, was severely injured being blinded and losing his right hand. Thereafter he relied on a reader and his phenomenal memory. He married twice, his second wife, Winfred, dying shortly before his death.
His social conscience was aroused after the First World War and the state of the poor in the 1930s. He was a prolific author his works ranging from novels to serious works on nutrition and aging.
In the 1930s he became conscious of the problems of malnutrition and the importance of food for the benefit of the population. He worked for satisfactory school meals, and school milk to improve children's nutrition
He was a founder member of the Holborn Labour Party, where he learnt first hand the condition of the working class.
By the 1930s he was working with various scientific and medical organisations and became a secretary of The Children's Nutrition Council in 1938.
In later life he turned his attention form nutrition to ageing and its problems.
He was a consultant to the Industrial Training Research Unint at University College and involved in the Science for Peace movement.
Through his activities he knew many people involved in the 1930 and 1940s reform campaigns , including Eva Hubback and Eleanor Rathbone and politicians from all parties. He was also a well known broadcaster.
He was fortunate to have a private income an never too paid employment. Shortly before his death in 1977, he was presented with aDSc by Bristol University.

Main Publications
Apparition (1928 novel)
Between Two men (1935 a novel)
Adventures of the Little Pig (1937 a children's story)
Our Food problem and its relation to our National Defences, with RM Titmuss (1939)
Editor of Four Thousand Million Mouths - Scientific Humanism and the Shadow of World Hunger (1959)
Aging in Industry with A.C.Dunne (1956)
Growing Old in a Mechanised World (1960)
The Years Still Unexplored with F S Milligan(1964)
Blinded in War for St Dustan's Foundation (1969)
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsInterview recordings are available online and can be accessed at the link provided in this record.
Former Reference NumberTape 26
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