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Discrete CollectionsThe Women's Library
TitleMorrison, Miss Vida A
Ref No8SUF/B/098
Box Fetch NoBox 1: Disc 21
Date1 Jul 1976
Extent60:00 mins
DescriptionInterview took place at 10a Reddown Road, Coulsdon, Surrey CR3 1AX. Interview is the daughter of Gertrude Lilian Clements (later Morrison).

0:00 mins: Mrs Morrison's parents marriage and relationships within the family. How Mrs Morrison met her husband; his occupation and career. Mrs Morrison's limited education. Her main interests; theosophy, vivisection and vegetarianism. Her religious background.. How she occupied her time, the domestic arrangements, Vida's education. Her mother's cruel streak. The use of the cane Her favouring Vida's brother. Vida's relationship with her mother. The reasons her mother married

15:00 mins: Mrs Morrison as a dressmaker for the children, her care of them and the lack of affection for Vida; her domination of Vida. Taking Vida to Women's Freedom league meetings. Her ambition for her children. Brother's career. Vida's employment at bank of England. Relationship between her father and mother. The use of the cane and Vida's fear of her mother. Mother's death in a mental hospital. Father's employment and lack of progress. Father's assistance in securing Vida's employment. Mrs Morrison's reading matter. Vida's grandfather's religion and work for the Church. Mrs Morrison's attitude towards animals and housekeeping. Her dress and appearance

30:00 mins: Theosophy and Vida attending a lecture by Annie Bezant. Mrs Morison's interests only lasted a few years. Vida leaving home and her mother's reaction. Her parents quarrel and father leaving wife. Mrs Morrison's restlessness and the parents re- united. Care of Mrs Morrison as her mental health declined. Vida's work during the war and care of her father .Experiencing a doodle bug raid, Father moved to Bournemouth

45.00 mins Father's second marriage and eventual memory loss.
Mrs Morrison's wish for Vida to be a suffragette. Went to meetings. Emily Davison at the Derby. Mrs Morrison as a speaker and her "protector" The rough element at Thornton heath. Meeting Mrs Despard. Parents' attitude towards suffrage. The parents' arguments. The work Mrs Morrison did for her interests. Her later affection for her son's child. Mrs Morrison probably anti violence.

Dates: (birth-death) Circa 1874 - circa 1943

Biography: Came to Windsor to care for Grandmother and met husband at dancing classes in1899. She was not well educated having missed a great deal of schooling through ill health as a child. They had two children, Vida and Malcolm and she favoured her son. Her daughter descried her as cruel. She had a domineering character. She belonged to the Thornton Heath Branch of the WFL and for a time was a speaker for the league. She had no occupation other than as a housewife.
Her marriage broke up for a short while before the Second World War but Vida assisted her parents to live together. Her mental health declined to the extent that she was placed in a mental hospital where she died in 1943
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsInterview recordings are available online and can be accessed at the link provided in this record.
Former Reference NumberTape 33
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