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Discrete CollectionsThe Women's Library
TitleCottrell, Mr George
Ref No8SUF/B/100
Box Fetch NoBox 1: Disc 21
Date3 Jul 1976
Extent78:34 mins
Admin Biographical HistorySee biography for George Cottrell
DescriptionInterview took place at Westwyns, Longdogs Lane, Ottery St Mary, Devon. Interviewee worked alongside Eva Hubback. Also see other interviews related to Hubback [8SUF/B/067, 8SUF/B/066, 8SUF/B/070, 8SUF/B/072, 8SUF/B/088, 8SUF/B/119, 8SUF/B/151, 8SUF/B/189, 8SUF/B/195].

0:00 mins: Description of Cottrell's job. How he was employed. Employment at time of joining Morley. His interviews. Barbara Wootton's lack of interest in Morley and her work on leaving. Cottrell's concern with administration. Miss Cowles role. Her relationship with Eva Hubback. Eva Hubback 's efficiency and wish to have first clas persons working for her. Miss Cowles' strengths. Eva Hubback's attitude towards Morley. - the "Morley Spirit" Miss Cowles work and Mrs Hubback's absences.Her ability to take eave and power of the Council. Her links with people and ability to get good lecturers..

15:00 mins: Miss Cowle's background and family.Mrs Hubback's diverse interests. Morley during the war. Different character of Cottrell and Cowles - a team. Hubback knew she could leave the running of Morley in their hands. Wootton's advice before Hubback took over. Hubback's many other interests preventing her from getting on top of Morley. She dealt with appointment of staff. her behaviour at meetings and election to LCC. The office at Morley. BW's second marriage and how she met her husband

30:00 mins: Hubback tried out new ideas for Morley, willing to drop them if they did not work Prepared to take suggestions , never too busy to listen. Did not interfere with organisation and administration. How Mrs Hubback organised her day and time spent at Morley. Her unpunctuality and mislaying of things. Mr Cottrell's working hours. Saturday Student Activities. Mrs Hubback's contact with the students. Fund raisng. Acquisition of the Sports Ground

45:00mins Bombing of Morley. Seeking new premises, LCC's attitude. Negotiations with War Damage Commission. Opening Joanna Street building. Mrs Hubback's patriotism and keenness to get Morley working. Royal visits and Cottrell's disinterest

60:00mins Mrs Hubback's contacts at Whitehall. The College and its music. Gustave Holst and Michael Tippett. Her politics and absence of politics at Morley. Important public lectures by well known persons. Comment of Diana Hopkins's book and Dennis Richardson's book. Mrs Hubback's lack of sense of humour; her interest in children. The female influence at Morley. Mr Cottrell's preference for working with a women. Criticism of two principals the followed. The children's parties. The office arrangements. Mrs Hubback's expectation of people, her deafness and shyness. Funny story about episode in street

How he got the job as accountant, secretary and general factotum at Morley College under Barbara Wootton (qv). Efficiency of Eva Hubback and Miss Cowles (Principal's Assistant) as a team. Collaboration between Miss Cowles and Mr Cottrell ensured that Morley Coll ran smoothly despite Mrs Hubback's frequent absences. Mrs Hubback's clear sense of direction and hold over the College council. Her numerous links with other institutions, and capacity for an immense amount of very diverse kinds of work. How the secretarial and paperwork arrangements at Morley College were organised then. Eva Hubback's tendency to lose things. Her skill in choosing the right people. Her appointments to council. The bombs on the College in the Second World War. Eva's success in getting support from feminists and royalty. Mr C's background role. Role of women in the College. Its musical achievements under Eva as principal. Her capacity for working with men. The Christmas parties for the children of students.
Related Record8SUF/B/067
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsInterview recordings are available online and can be accessed at the link provided in this record.
Former Reference NumberTape 34
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