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Discrete CollectionsThe Women's Library
TitleHorton, Mrs Gertrude
Ref No8SUF/B/145
Box Fetch NoBox 1: Disc 30
Date13 Apr 1977
Extent55:30 mins
Admin Biographical HistorySee biography for Alice Franklin
DescriptionInterview took place at 315 The Greenway, Epsom, Surrey KT18 7JE. Also see interview 8SUF/B/139.

Interview summary:
0:00 mins:
Hugh Franklin: his wives [Elsie Duval and Elsie Tuke], post-suffrage career including the Metropolitan Water Board during the Second World War, relationship with his father. The Franklin family - Cecil, Jack, Ellis, Helen and their respective careers. Alice Franklin's relationship with her parents. Alice Franklin's attendance at Notting Hill High School and social work in the East End of London before the First World War. Her departure from the National Union of Townswomen's Guilds (NUTG) in 1948 - at the end of the Second World War the NUTG national executive feared that their centralised power would be eroded if regional federations were developed.

15:00 mins:
Alice Franklin's work for the London and National Society for Women's Service after she left the NUTG in 1948. Administrative and committee work. Differences between the Townswomen's Guilds and the Women's Voluntary Service (WVS) during the Second World War - WVS was funded by and took instruction from the government, was not a democratic organisation, and 'poached' on the territory of other organisations. The organisation of the NUTG in the inter-war years and how it benefited from the administrative experience Alice Franklin gained at the Ministry of Agriculture during the First World War.

30:00 mins:
Organisation of the NUTG, including the finance department, the general office and the production of the monthly journal 'The Townswoman'. Role of Irene Hancock in the National Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship (NUSEC). Lady Nancy Astor's parties at which people involved in the main women's organisations could network. Ray Strachey's work as Lady Astor's secretary (1929-1934).

45:00 mins:
NUTG: theatrical tea parties to fundraise, including one at Lady Gertrude Denman's house [date unknown]. NUSEC methods of communication and lobbying of MPs [1920s]. Artistic work of Helen Ward for NUSEC,1920s. Working style of Eleanor Rathbone.

Missing section of interview:
Jane Norton and LSWS in the 1950s. Miss Douie (qv) as librarian. Mrs H's attitude to birth control between the wars. What Pippa Strachey's house at Gordon Square was like in the 1950s. Pippa Strachey's sense of humour. Mr Horton's career.
Related Record8SUF/B/139
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Access ConditionsInterview recordings are available online and can be accessed at the link provided in this record.
Former Reference Number145a
Tape 54
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