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TitleNotebooks of Charles Booth's survey of London
Extent392 volumes
DescriptionSection B of the papers of Charles Booth's survey of London contains 392 notebooks. They are arranged in 3 sub-sections: poverty; industry; and religious influences.

During the investigation for the poverty series of the published survey Booth and his social investigators consulted the records compiled by School Board Visitors of the London School Board. They interviewed the School Board Visitors and transferred the information gained from them into specially printed notebooks for the survey.
- B1-7: These notebooks relate to the administration of the poverty survey.
- B1 contains an index of potential interviewees
- B2-B4, B6-B7 contain information concerning the classification of occupations. [The numbered classification is used as shorthand in the poverty series notebooks]
- B5 contains an index of streets
- B8-64: contain information on households with children.
The notebooks are arranged by streets and contain the following information on households: number of the house; number of rooms the household occupies; the rent on the property; occupation and the occupation classification [as outlined in B2-B4, B6-B7] of the head of the household; wife's occupation; number of children; social classification of family A-H; colour assigned to street which usually appears next to the street name. [Each street mentioned in the notebooks have been included in the document description]
- B65-B76: These notebooks relate to streets.
The emphasis of the survey altered in these notebooks. Streets rather than households were classified. The notebooks contain the name of the street, colour classification, number of houses scheduled and unscheduled [surveyed], the character of the houses and the number of children in the street.
- B77-B80: Detailed notebooks of inhabitants of specific streets. Notebooks contain surnames of families, occupations, number of children, wages and rent
- B81: This volume concentrates on the furniture trade [This notebook has been associated with volume 4 of the published survey. Trades of East London connected with poverty.] The notebook contains interviews with people connected with the furniture trade and analyses statistics concerning the trade. The notebooks relating to the industry series follow this structure.

The analysis of labour in London took the form of interviews with people connected with the trades of London.
- B82-B87: Notebooks relating to wood workers
- B88-B89: Notebooks relating to metal workers
- B90-B91: Notebooks relating to precious metals, watches and instruments trades
- B92-B98: Notebooks relating to sundry manufacturers.
- B99-B104: Notebooks relating to printing and paper trades
- B105-B107: Notebooks relating to textile trades
- B108-B115: Notebooks relating to dress trades.
- B116-B135: Notebooks relating to food and drink industry.
- B136. Notebooks relating to dealers and clerks.
- B137-B139: Notebooks relating to locomotion [transport industry].
- B140-B146: Notebooks relating to labourers.
- B147-B158: Notebooks relating to public service and professional classes.
- B159-B161: Notebooks relating to domestic service.
- B162-B168: Notebooks relating to inmates of institutions These notebooks differ from the rest of the industry series notebooks. They appear to be transcriptions of Stepney Union case books. They record detailed case histories of the inmates of Bromley and Stepney workhouses 1889 and of people who received outdoor relief from the union. This material will be particularly useful to family historians. The name and age (or birth date) of all individuals mentioned have been included in the descriptions of these volumes.

- B169-B184: Notebooks relating to Outer East London: District 10 [Bethnal Green East]; District 11 [Poplar and Limehouse]; District 12 [Bow and Bromley].
- B185-B190: Notebooks relating to the North East London: District 13 [South Hackney and Hackney].
- B191-B210: Notebooks relating to North London: District 14 [West Hackney and South East Islington]; District 15 [South West Islington]; District 16 [Highbury, Stoke Newington, Stamford Hill]; District 17 [Upper Holloway].
- B211-B220: Notebooks relating to North West: District 18 [Somers Town and Camden Town]; District 19 [Kentish Town]; District 20 [Hampstead]; District 21 [Marylebone(Christchurch to St John)].
- B221-B229: Notebooks relating to London North of the Thames. The Inner Ring: District 7 [Mile End Old Town and Spitalfields]; District 8 [Aldgate, St George's in the East, Shadwell]; District 9 [Bethnal Green, North and South].
- B230-B239: Notebooks relating to London North of the Thames. The Inner Ring: District 4 [Clerkenwell and Grays' Inn]; District 5 [Old Street, Finsbury and Shoreditch], District 6 [Hoxton and Haggerston].
- B240-B245: Notebooks relating to West Central London: District 2 [Strand and St Giles]; District 3 [St James, Westminster, Soho, All Saints and Tottenham Court Road].
- B246-B247: Notebooks relating to The City of London: District 1 [The City].
- B248-B268: Notebooks relating to West London: District 22 [Cavendish Square and St John's Paddington]; District 23 [St Mary Paddington and Kensal Town]; District 24 [St John Westminster]; District 25 [St Margaret and Belgrave]; District 26 [Chelsea];District 27 [Brompton]; District 28 [Kensington Town]; District 29 [Fulham]; District 30 [Hammersmith].
- B269-B283: Notebooks relating to Inner South London: District 31 [Lambeth and St Saviour's Southwark]; District 32 [Trinity Newington and St Mary Bermondsey]; District 33 [St James Bermondsey and Rotherhithe]; District 34 [Lambeth and Kennington]; District 41 [St Peter Walworth and St Mary Newington]; District 42 [St George Camberwell].
- B284-B291: Notebooks relating to South East London: District 45 [Deptford]; District 46 [Greenwich]; District 48 [Woolwich].
B292-B302: Notebooks relating to South West London: District 36 [Battersea East]; District 37 [Battersea West]; District 38 [Clapham]; District 39 [Wandsworth and Putney].
- B303-B311: Notebooks relating to Outer South London: District 35 [Kennington (2nd) and Brixton]; District 43 [Camberwell]; District 44 [Peckham].
- B312-B315: Notebooks relating to Outlining Southern Suburbs: District 40 [Streatham, Norwood and Dulwich]; District 47 [Sydenham, Lewisham, Eltham and Lee].
- B316-B345: Notebooks relating to housing and rents: the notebooks in this section describe the type of housing, average rents and sketches of typical housing. All street names have been described in the description of the volume.
- B346-B376: Notebooks relating to walks with police: the police notebooks describe the streets of London after the social investigators have taken a walk with the local police officer 1898 1902(check). These have been digitised and available on Charles Booth online.
The aim of the police notebooks appear to have been updating the colouring of the Descriptive Map of London Poverty 1889 before the Map Descriptive of London Poverty 1898-1899 was published. Therefore the notebooks contain details of alterations needed to amend the map. The notebooks also contain a varied and vivid description of housing, the state of the roads and descriptions of inhabitants. Subjects such as the relationship of publicans and policemen, crime and drunkenness among men, women and children and descriptions of ethnic communities. The accounts include descriptions of the policemen and their characters.
Abbreviations are common in the notebooks. East, South, West and North. are often abbreviated, as are the colourings for the streets DB [Dark Blue], LB [Light Blue], Rd [Red]. General remarks on the area tend to appear at the end of the description of the walk. Catalogue descriptions concentrate on highlighting information on ethnic groups, crime and interesting anecdotes. All streets have been included in the descriptions and all the thirty one police notebooks have been digitised and are available via the London School of Economics archives web site.

B377-B384. Local Government notebooks: these notebooks describe the evidence concerning local government described in interviews in the religious influences. There also contain further interviews with local government officials.
B385-B392. Visits to Churches: these notebooks describe accounts of walks around areas visiting churches and accounts of services in the churches.
Related Material'The Streets of London : South East : The Booth Notebooks' by J Steele includes transcripts.
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