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TitleGeorge E. Arkell's Notebook: Bookbinders
Ref NoBOOTH/B/101
Extent1 volume
Description[Published in 2nd series-Industry. Vol 2. Part III. Ch.2]

1. Index of interviews, nd.
1-9. Interview with Mr Henry King, secretary of London Consolidated Society of Journeymen Bookbinders, 26 April 1892.
10-14. Interview with Mr William Bockett, secretary of Society of Day- Working Bookbinders of London, nd.
15-21. Interview with A. Goodhew, secretary of Vellum (Account Book) Binders Trade Society, 4 May 1892.
22-27. Interview with Mr Henry R. King, secretary of London Consolidated Society of Journeymen Bookbinders, 10 May 1892 and April 1894.
28-33. An account of the bookbinders, Eight Hours Movement, nd.
34-37. Interview with Mr Frederick Rogers, 62 Nicholas Street, Mile End, president of the Vellum Binders, 18 May 1892.
38-39. Interview with Mr C. H. Landsdowne, bookbinder, 277 Whitechapel Road, 18 May 1892.
40-45. Notes on the bookbinding process, nd.
46-48. Blank pages.
49-51. Interview with Mr Goodhew, secretary of Vellum (Account Book) Binders Trade Society, 31 May 1892.
52-55. Interview with Mr D. Murray, secretary of Book Edge Gilders' Trade Society, 20 May 1892.
52. Quarterly statement of accounts, Book Edge Gilders' Trade Society, 1893-1894.
53. Competed questionnaire, Book Edge Gilders' Society, [completed on survey headed notepaper], 13 April 1894.
56-61. Interview with Mr Jackson, bookbinder, 99 Vauxhall Street, Upper Kennington Lane, 5 October 1893.
62-63. Interview with T. Witted, president, J.B. Ballantyne, treasurer, J. Sullivan, secretary of London Bookbinders Shops Council, nd.
64. Copy of agreement concerning the minimum list of prices for piece work of casemaking, 13 December 1893.
65-67. Interview with Mr McGiuion and Mr Thomas, bookbinders, nd.
68-71. Interview with John Watson, manager of the Bookbinders' Cooperative Society Limited, 17 Bury Street. Includes price list for binding books and periodicals, 21 March 1894.
72-78. Interview with Mr T.E. Powell, secretary, 18 Raymouth Road Bookbinders and Machine Rulers Consolidated Union, 23 March 1894.
79-82. Interview with Mr W. Worsfold, leather binder, 12 Frith Street, Soho, 29 March 1894.
83-88. Interview with Messrs Bailey Brothers, bible work, Ronald Road, Highbury. Includes printed drawing of the building, 29 March 1894.
89-94. Interview with J.T. Davell, book edge gilder, 2 St John's Lane, Smithfield, nd.
95-99. Interview with Mr J.M. Dent, Messrs J.M. Dent and Company, publishers and bookbinders, nd.
100-104. Interview with Mr J. Abercombie, 3 Norah Street, vellum binder, 3 April 1894.
105-109. Interview with Messrs Smith and Brothers, wholesale binders (cloth), 3-9 Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, nd.
110-121. Interview with Mr William H. Edmunds, secretary of the Joint Shops Committee, 57 Elson Road, South Grove, Tottenham, 4 April 1894.
122. Annual report of the Society of Women Employed in Bookbinding, 18 October 1892.
122. Rules of the Society of Women Employed in Bookbinding, 1881.
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