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TitleNotebook: Clergy District 18 [Somers Town and Camden Town]
Ref NoBOOTH/B/215
Extent1 volume
Description[Published in 3rd series-Religious Influences. Vol 1. Ch.4]

The interviews follow the questionnaires Form A Church of England. They contain answers to questions concerning the general character of the population, people employed, buildings used, services and meetings held, numbers attending, social agencies connected with the church, education work, visiting work, charitable relief, cooperation with other church institutions, remarks on local government, police, drink, prostitution, crime, marriage, thrift, health, housing and social conditions.

1. Index of interviews, name of interviewee, parish, address and page number, nd.
2-3. Blank pages.
4-21. Interview with Reverend V.G.Borradaile, St James Hampstead Road. Contains parish magazine October 1898, booklet annual report St Pancras Rural Deanery 1897, 2 November [1898].
22-35. Interview with Reverend H.E.Arnold, St Matthews Oakley Square, 9 November 1898.
36-45. Interview with Reverend J.A.Fyfe, vicar of St Stephens, Camden Town, 21 November 1898.
45. Completed Form A The Church of England and Form A The Church: St Stephens Camden Town, 21 November 1898.
46-63. Interview with Reverend G.L.Ross, curate of St Mary Magdalene, Munster Square, 22 November 1898.
63. Booklet Accounts, St Mary Magdalene's parish 1897-1898.
64-77. Interview with Reverend F. T. Hetling, minister of Christ Church, Albany Street, 23 November [1898].
77. Booklet Parochial report Christ Church Albany Street, St Pancras 18971898.
78-93. Interview with Reverend Arthur Woods, vicar of Christ Church, Somers Town, 4 November 1898. Contains: -
83. Printed article entitled 'Dr O'Brien's description of the parish', nd.
87. Printed extract concerning attendance at church services, nd.
89. Printed extracts concerning clergy, services and meetings, nd.
91. Printed photographs of Reverend J.N.Worsfold (18681874), Reverend P. S. O'Brien (18741890), Reverend A. Woods (appointed 1890), vicars of Christ Church, nd.
93. Letter from Arthur Woods, Christ Church vicarage 13, Oakley Square, arranging a meeting, 31 October 1898.
94-97. Notes of cases in Christ Church, Somers Town, written by Mr Clutterbusk, nd.
99. Plan of parish of Christchurch, Somers Town, 1874.
101. Completed Form A The Church of England questionnaire: Christ Church Somers Town, 4 November 1898.
102-112. Interview with Reverend W.J.Sparrow, Simpson, St Mark's Regents Park, 5 December 1898.
113. Cover of parish magazine, depicting church, St Mark's Regent's Park, October 1898.
114-115. Booklet printed parochial report 18961897.
116-125. Interview with Reverend E.B.Penfold, vicar of St Michael's Camden Town and Rural Dean of St Pancras. Contains printed ticket for cases of sickness and old age, 21 November 1898.
126-127. Booklet- Twenty first annual report of St Michaels Camden Town, Easter 1898.
128-129. Completed Form A Church of England questionnaire: St Michaels Camden Town, nd.
130-143. Interview with Reverend W.E.Beaumont, vicar of St Mary's Somers Town, 24 November 1898.
144-145. Cover of parish magazine, depicting church, St Mary's Somers Town, November 1898.
146-147. Printed plan of parish, nd.
148-149. Printed page [from parish magazine?]concerning, clergy, church officers, church services and church institutions, November 1898.
150-151. Account card and rules for St Mary's Somers Town Provident Club, nd.
152-157. Interview with Reverend R.A.Eden, vicar of Old St Pancras Church, 11 January 1899.
158-159. Printed page [from parish magazine?]concerning services, meetings and Aldenham Street Board School staff, nd.
160-161. Completed Form A Church of England questionnaire: Old St Pancras, nd.
162-163. Three tables of statistics for Church work: church finance; clerical income and Church finance; voluntary contributions to church work in Diocese of London Archdeaconry of Middlesex Rural Deanery of St Pancras, nd.
164-249. Blank pages
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