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TitleCampaign for Nuclear Disarmament
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Admin Biographical HistoryThe Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) is a non party-political British organisation advocating the abolition of nuclear weapons worldwide. It was formed in 1958 by the philosopher Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell, and the Rev Canon (Lewis) John Collins and grew out of the demonstration held outside the government's Atomic Weapons Research Establishment at Aldermaston, Berkshire, at Easter 1956. Following a rapid growth of membership in its first years of existence, nuclear issues were overtaken by popular protest concerning the Vietnam War. CND survived, but as a much smaller movement. In 1960, the Committee of 100 was set up to organise Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) actions, such as mass sit-ins and blockades.
The decision, taken in 1979, to deploy American Cruise and Pershing missiles in Great Britain and other European countries led to a growth in CND membership and activities, such as protest marches and the harassment of Cruise convoys. Since the end of the Cold War, the emphasis of CND activities has changed to include lobbying of MPs and at international conferences, the tracking and publicising of road and rail shipments of nuclear materials, and the work of talking to people and groups, though there are still regular protests and direct actions at nuclear installations around the country. CND is part of Abolition 2000, a global network, founded in 1995 and with organised support in 76 countries, to press for the elimination of nuclear weapons.
Custodial HistoryThe first deposit of papers was transferred to the LSE Library from the CND's London office in around 1972. Additional deposits were made in 1986, 1996, 2003, 2007 and 2008.
Description1972 deposit (currently catalogued as CND) includes:
CND/1 - Papers relating to the CND's constitution, minutes of national council, national executive committee and other committees and subject files, 1958-1971.
CND/2 - General secretary's correspondence, 1965-1969.
CND/3 - Annual conference papers, 1959-1970.
CND/4 -Papers relating to Aldermaston marches and other Easter demonstrations, 1961-1970.
CND/5 - London region CND: minutes, correspondence and papers, 1959-1970.
CND/6 - London region CND: papers relating to Aldermaston marches, 1960-1964.
CND/7 - London region CND: correspondence with local CND groups and other organisations, 1960s.
CND/8 - Papers of the Colleges and Universities Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CUCAND), 1960-1968.
CND/9 - Papers of the Youth Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (YCND), 1961-1970.
CND/10 - Miscellaneous material and presscuttings, 1960s.

1986 deposit (currently catalogued as CND ADD), includes the following papers collected or created by CND central office:
1. Minutes and papers of national council, national executive committee and other committees, 1981-1985.
2. Annual conference papers, 1981-1984.
3. Press releases, 1981-1984.
4. Papers relating to Trade Union CND, 1981-1983.
5. Papers relating to demonstrations and campaigns, 1981-1985.
6. Correspondence with CND sections and related organisations.
7. Minutes, reports and papers of regional CND groups, 1981-1984.
8. Local CND group newsletters.
9. Pamphlets.

1993 deposit (CND/1993) includes:
1. Minutes and papers of the national executive committee and national council, 1983-1989.
2. Projects and campaigns, 1982-1990.
3. Minutes and papers of national committees, 1983-1989.
4. Annual conference papers, 1985-1989.
5. Press releases and briefings, 1985-1990.
6. CND publications, 1984-1990.
7. Papers and publications of Youth CND, 1984-1989.
8. Papers and publications of Trade Union CND, 1982-1990.
9. Papers and publications of CND specialist groups, 1983-1991.
10. Regional and local group papers and publications, 1981-1991.
11. Papers, publications and local group newsletters of other national CND branches, 1981-1990.

1994 deposit (CND/Kent) comprises:
Speeches and articles by Bruce Kent, 1981-1989.

1996 deposit (CND/1996) includes:
Minutes and papers of national council, national executive committee and other committees, 1989-1994; conference papers, 1989-1994; press releases and briefings, 1989-1994; publications, 1989-1994 and local group newsletters, 1989-1995.

2003 (CND/M3161) deposit includes:
Minutes and papers of national council, national executive committee and other committees, regional group papers and press releases, 1994-2001.

2007 (CND/M3359) deposit includes
Minutes, press releases, newsletters, conference papers, 2001-2005.

2008 deposit includes:
1. National Council for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapon Tests.
2. Emergency Committee for Direct Action Against Nuclear War.
3. Committee of 100.
4. National Committee and Executive Committee minutes and papers.
5. Annual Conference papers.
6. Committee minutes and papers.
7. Press, publications and other publicity.
8. Campaigns and projects.
9. Youth and Student Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
10. Trade Union Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
11. Specialist sections.
12. London regional and local group papers.
13. Other regional and local group papers.
14. Correspondence.
15. Related, affiliated and partner organisations.
16. Parliamentary and election campaigning.
17. Other national Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament papers.
18. Nuclear free authorities.
19. The Gulf War.
20. Nuclear energy.
21. European Nuclear Disarmament papers.
22. Papers of Arthur Goss.
23. Sanity.
24. East Anglia region.
25. Posters.

2018 deposit: David Boulton papers, mostly 1957-64, includes:
- National Council for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapon Tests
- Direct Action Committee
- CND papers, including material on: the Aldermaston Marches and Campaign Caravan workshops
- Independent Nuclear Disarmament Election Committee (INDEC)
- Committee of 100
- Ephemera from other peace groups and background papers.

2019 deposit: Paul Fluckiger papers, c1960-1965, includes:
- CND papers, including material relating to Easter Marches, Campaign Caravan workshops, Oldham CND and Welwyn CND
- Pamphlets and other publications (both CND and non-CND material)
- Posters
- Committee of 100 banner

For the campaign and personal papers of Pat Arrowsmith see the catalogue to the ARROWSMITH collection.
Related MaterialThe Modern Records Centre at Warwick University also holds a substantial collection of CND records. Copies of St Albans group newsletters from 1980- are also available at Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies.
LSE main library collection holds 'Sanity' and other related material. See 'LibrarySearch'.
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