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TitleEurosceptic Collection
Extent9 boxes
DescriptionJournals, pamphlets, grey literature and ephemera from various Eurosceptic organisations, and collected from various sources. It also includes some background material, including from official sources and pro-European groups.

UKIP papers formerly in this collection (especially EUROSCEPTIC/1-5) have now been transferred to the UKIP collection.
Related Material----
For other material in LSE Library relating to Euroscepticism from the 1960s onwards see particularly the following collections:
CIB and predecessor organisations
- Common Market Safeguards Campaign, 1969-76 - see CIB/1 (and SHORE)
- Safeguard Britain Campaign, 1976-82 - see CIB/2 (also COLL MISC 0763 and SHORE)
- British Anti-Common Market Campaign, 1982-90 - see CIB/3
- Campaign for an Independent Britain, 1990- - see CIB (also SHORE and SKED)

Other organisations
- Anti-Common Market League, 1961-2000s - see CIB/7, COLL MISC 0763 and RHYS WILLIAMS J/8/2
- National Common Market Petition Council, 1970-72 - see CIB/8
- Anti-Federalist League, 1991-93 - see SKED/1 and election ephemera
- Labour Euro Safeguards Campaign, 1990s -see SHORE
- United Kingdom Independence Party, 1993-97 (UKIP) - see SKED
- Get Britain Out (formerly Anti-Common Market League), 2003-08 (CIB)

For other material in LSE Library relating to pro-EU (and predecessors) groups from the 1940s onwards see particularly the following collections:
- Britain in Europe, c1958-70 - see EUROPEAN MOVEMENT and FEDERAL TRUST;
- Britain in Europe, 1999-2012 - see EUROPEAN MOVEMENT;
- Christian Movement For European Unity - see RHYS WILLIAMS J/8/4;
- Conservative Group for Europe [founded in 1969 as European Forum] - see LONGDEN and TRG;
- Europe Group of the Parliamentary Labour Party - see MACKAY
- European League for Economic Cooperation - see RHYS WILLIAMS J/5
- European Parliamentary Union, 1947-c1950 (see MACKAY);
- European Union of Federalists, 1946-59 (see JOSEPHY)
- International Committee for the Study of European Questions, c1945-47 (see BEVERIDGE/7/52 and COLL MISC 1085)
- Tory Europe Network (part of Britain in Europe), 2002-04 - see KENT;
- United Europe Movement, 1947-1950s - see RHYS WILLIAMS J/6;
- United Kingdom Council of the European Movement, 1948- - see EUROPEAN MOVEMENT
Ephemera regarding the 1975 Common Market referendum is available in COLL MISC 0876.
Ephemera regarding the 2016 European Union referendum is available in COLL MISC 1253.
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