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Discrete CollectionsPolitics, economics and social science collections
Extent1 volume
DescriptionSection IV, divided into four groups.
Photographs of George Lansbury:
1. Lansbury, c 1889, aged 30
2. George and Bessie Lansbury with their five children, c 1890. Tin-type original and modern copy.
3. Lansbury and group at demonstration in support of Tom Mann, Victoria Park, June 1936
4. Lansbury, c 1906
5. Lansbury, c 1906
6. Lansbury and group, c 1906
7. Family group at Shoreham, c 1909
8. George Lansbury, David Bowman, James Keir Hardie, and Thomas Richardson, 1911
9. Lansbury and 'rations', c 1915
10-12. Lansbury and Queen Mary visit Poplar Training School, Shenfield 1919
13. George and Bessie Lansbury in Leningrad, 1921
14. George and Bessie Lansbury, c 1920s
15-16. Lansbury, c 1920s-1930s
17. Opening of Poplar Electricity Works, dinner at Hotel Cecil, April 1927
18. Lansbury, c1929
19-20. Lansbury at an unidentified public ceremony c 1929- 30
21. Lansbury with Professor V G Childe at Neolithic village in the Orkneys, c 1929-1930
22. Lansbury dictating to his daughter Daisy, 1929
23-24. Lansbury sitting for his portrait, with artist Reginald Brill, 1930
25. Lansbury and Peter Lee, portraits on a banner for Elemore Lodge, Durham miners' association, c 1920s-1930s
26-27. Lansbury, c 1930s
28. George and Bessie Lansbury c1930s
29. Lansbury at St Margaret's Bay, August 1931
30-33. Lansbury and family members, in the grounds of a hotel at Rothesay, c 1933
34. Lansbury in hospital bed, with two grandsons at his side, c 1933-1934
35. Lansbury in hospital bed after breaking his leg, with two grandsons at his side Christmas 1933
36. Lansbury in hospital bed, February 1934
37. Lansbury leaving hospital, 1934
38-39. Lansbury at the wedding of Mari Stephenson 1934
40. Lansbury at his birthplace, August 1934
41. Lansbury, c 1934
42. Lansbury and Arthur Henderson arriving for the TU Congress in Weymouth, September,1934
43-44. Lansbury, after resigning the leadership of the Labour party, c1935-1936
45. Lansbury at the funeral of King George V, 1936
46. Newspaper cutting of Lansbury with his daughter Daisy at the Labour party conference, Bournemouth, October 1937
47-56. Lansbury and others during 'Peace tour' in South-Eastern Europe,1938-1939
57. Newspaper cutting of Lansbury with his 22nd grandchild, 1939
1. Newspaper cutting from the Evening Standard with cartoon featuring Lansbury, by Low, September 1929
2. Newspaper cutting from the Daily Express with cartoon featuring Lansbury by Strube, November 1929
Photographs of members of the family:
1. Doreen and Constance Lansbury, 1899
2-5. Minnie Lansbury, undated
6. Minnie Lansbury 1920
7-9. Minnie Lansbury, undated
10. William Arthur Lansbury c1914-1918
11. Unknow, undated
Non-family photographs:
1. George Barker, 1933
2. Samuel Augustus Barnett, undated
3. Vladimir D. Bonch-Bruevich, c1920
4. W. Dingwall, 1927
5. Sir George Edwards, undated
6. James Keir Hardie, undated
7. Reverend John Fenwick Kitto,1880
8. Hermann Molkenbuhr, undated
9. Montagu Samuel Montagu, undated
10. Rita Ricardo, 1934
11. Mr Tarling, 1875
12. Sidney Webb, 1924
13. Bow Church, undated
14. Socialist Literature Depot, Hastings 1910
15. National Union of Clerks, Leeds conference, undated
16. Group at Women's Labour League conference, including Margaret Bondfield, Portsmouth, January 1909
Access ConditionsOriginal withdrawn; microfilm must be used (Archives MF 369)
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