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Discrete CollectionsPolitics, economics and social science collections
TitleLloyd; Edward Mayow Hastings (1889-1968); economist and politician and Lloyd; Margaret Frances (fl 1900-1978); wife of Edward Mayow Hastings Lloyd
Extent39 boxes
Admin Biographical HistoryBorn 1889; educated Rugby School and Corpus Christi College, Oxford University; joined civil service and was employed at the Inland Revenue, 1913; Contracts Department, War Office, 1914-1917; Ministry of Food, 1917-1919; Economic and Financial Section, League of Nations Secretariat, 1919-1921; Assistant Secretary, Empire Marketing Board, 1926-1933; Secretary, Market Supply Committee, 1933-1936; Assistant Director, Food (Defence Plans) Department, 1936-1939; Principal Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Food, 1939-1942; Economic Adviser to Minister of State, Middle East, 1942-1944; United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, Economic and Financial Adviser for the Balkans, 1945; CB, 1945; Financial Aid Officer, United Nations, 1946-1947; Under Secretary, Ministry of Food, 1947-1953; CMG, 1952; President, Agricultural Economics Society, 1956; Consultant, Political and Economic Planning, 1958-1964; died 1968.
Publications: Agriculture and Food in Poland (UNRRA European Regional Office, London, 1946); Experiments in State Control at the War Office and the Ministry of Food (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1924); Food and Inflation in the Middle East, 1940-45 (Stanford University Press, Stanford, [1956]); Fresh Eggs and Free Markets (Society of Objectors to Compulsory Egg Marketing, London, 1956); Stabilisation. An economic policy for producers & consumers (G. Allen & Unwin, London, 1923).
DescriptionPapers of Edward Mayow Hastings Lloyd, 1906-1968, including early notebooks, essays and addresses, 1906-[1914], the latter mainly relating to economics and international trade; material relating to Lloyd's employment at the War Office and the Ministry of Food, 1915-1919, mainly comprising administrative papers concerning the supply and distribution of wool and food during World War One; material relating to Lloyd's post in the League of Nations Secretariat, 1919-[1923], mainly relating to international food control, the economic foundations and administrative organisation of the League of Nations, and international economic and financial conferences; material relating to Lloyd's employment at the Empire Marketing Board and the Market Supply Committee, 1926-1939, notably reports on the economies of Australia, Canada, the USA, Russia and South Africa, reports and memoranda for international economic conferences, memoranda and statistics relating to the international wheat trade, memoranda and correspondence on the National Food Policy, nutrition and agriculture, and correspondence with Arthur Greenwood, George Dallas and Sir George Ernest Schuster; administrative papers created during Lloyd's employment at the Ministry of Food, 1936-1944, mainly related to food supply during World War Two, notably minutes and papers of the Interdepartmental Committee on War Time Control of Food Prices, working papers on food controls, wages, and rationing, and papers of the British Food Mission, especially relating to food rationing; material relating to Lloyd's work as Economic Adviser to the Minister of State, Middle East, 1943-1944, mainly relating to the problems of inflation and rationing; material concerning Lloyd's work in the Balkans with the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA. , 1944-1946, including UNRRA administrative memoranda, papers relating to the Balkan Mission notably reports and correspondence on the economic situation in Italy, Yugoslavia and Greece, especially relating to food supplies; various economic papers, 1920-1942, on subjects including international trade and economics, unemployment, British industry, agricultural policy, Independent Labour Party views on banking, credit and living wage, and post-war trade and food supplies; post-war papers collated by Lloyd, 1947-1967, notably material relating to food economics in the Middle East, notes on the history of food control, correspondence with the Ministry of Agriculture, texts of lectures by Lloyd on British agriculture and world markets, papers of the European League for Economic Cooperation; writings by Lloyd, 1920-1967, comprising articles and essays mainly concerning economics and agriculture; personal papers, 1907-1968, including an ILP engagement diary and material relating to Lloyd's death. Papers of Margaret Frances Lloyd, 1914-1970, including material relating to prisoners of war during World War One, 1914-1919; letters to Lloyd from James Ramsay Macdonald, David Mitrany and James Joseph Mallon, 1917; pamphlets and leaflets, 1906 and 1914-1919, on subjects including the Russian Revolutions, conscientious objection, and sweated labour; material concerning Lloyd's work as an inspector for the Czech Refugee Trust, 1939-1947, including correspondence, reports on hostels, and papers relating to conditions in internment camps; material relating to Allies Inside Germany, 1942-1969, notably Council minutes, correspondence and exhibition photographs; correspondence with Polish, Jewish, Austrian, Czech and German refugee organisations, 1940-1944; material relating to Lloyd's work on the Nuffield College Social Reconstruction Survey, 1942-1943; maps and accounts of prisons and concentration camps in Germany, [1945]; correspondence with the British Council for German Democracy, 1947; correspondence and papers relating to a visit by Lloyd to Romania and Hungary, in her role as the International Secretary of the International Assembly of Women, 1954-1955; material concerning the Hemel Hempstead CND, 1965-1970. Papers concerning Edward Frank Wise (1885-1933), comprising notes and drafts by Edward Lloyd for a biography of Wise, 1935, and correspondence between Margaret Lloyd and Wise's family and friends, 1969-1973.
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