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TitleMinutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee of the LNU
Ref NoLNU/2/8
DescriptionSubjects covered include: settlement of Armenians in Yerevan; civil unrest in China; the coal industry's violations of the Washington Hours Convention; mandates procedures; links with the Rotary Club; proposed co-operation with the Union of Democratic Control; the appointment of staff; Anglo-American relations; penal reform (with memorandum by the Howard League for Penal Reform); the Mandated Territories; Coolidge's proposals for the limitation of naval armaments; the opium trade; the White Lead Convention; LNU speakers; draft resolutions for the Berlin Congress; the allied occupation of Germany; the arrangements with the White Star Line; links with the ILO; the World Economic Conference; links with international teachers' organisations; Nanking; slavery, and the traffic in women and children; aid to refugees; the future status of Shanghai; the agenda for the Berlin Congress; the position of Italian delegates on international bodies; 'Arbitration and Security' (memorandum); the Boy Scouts Movement in England and Italy; relations between white and 'coloured' races; the International Congress of Actuaries; the establishment of a League of Nations Society in Kenya; school children at a bombing display; the Festival of Youth; resolutions of the General Council of the LNU; draft treaty for the renunciation of war; the limitation of arms; support from the Australian High Commissioner; Lord Cecil's resignation from the Cabinet; the 'No More War' Movement; war films; links with Christian organisations; draft letter to the Air League; Flag Day; the Festival of Youth; the prohibition of chemical warfare.
Access ConditionsAvailable in the Peace and Internationalism Digitised Collection on our Digital Library
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