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TitleMadge Sidney Joseph (1874-1961), antiquary and topographer
Extent110 volumes (c3 shelves)
Admin Biographical HistoryBorn 1874; educated at Northampton School of Science, Oxford Central School, St Paul's College in Cheltenham, and the London School of Economics and Political Science; one of the founders of the Oxford City Branch of University Extension, 1893-1894, the Parish Register Society, 1896, and Phillimore's Marriage Registers Series, 1896; Member of Educational Staff, Hornsey, 1896-1934; also Lecturer in History, Economics, and Social Subjects, City of London Day Training College, 1897-1900, the London County Council Literary and Commercial Institutes, 1900-1932, and the Adult Education Movement, 1923-1930; served World War One, 1914-1918; 2nd Lt, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 1919; Member of Mosely Education Commission in USA and Canada, 1906; Editor of the British Record Society, 1900-1902, and London and Middlesex Archological Society, 1921-1923; Member of Council, London Topographical Society, 1936-1939, and Society of Antiquaries, 1938-1940 (Library Committee 1938-1945); Donor of Carey Centenary Bell, Moulton, 1934, and St Alban Memorial Bell, St Albans Cathedral, 1935; FSA, 1923-1952; Honorary Assistant Keeper of the Department of Printed Books, British Museum, 1943; died 1961.
Publications: Abstracts of Gloucestershire Inquisitiones Post Mortem returned into the Court of Chancery in the reign of Charles the First (British Record Society, London, 1893-1914); Abstracts of Inquisitiones Post Mortem relating to the City of London returned into the Court of Chancery during the Tudor period (British Record Society, London, 1986-1908); The early records of Harringay, alias Hornsey, form prehistoric times to 1216 AD (Hornsey, 1938); The medieval records of Harringay, alias Hornsey, from 1216-1307 (Hornsey, 1939); The origin of the name of Hornsey (London, 1936); The registers of Moulton, Northamptonshire (London, 1903); Blisland Church and its patron saints (Bodmin, 1950); Church wardens' accounts of Washfield Parish, Devon (1948); Collections relating to crown lands (Purley, 1929); Dr Madge's gift to Moulton: a memorial bell to William Carey (Purley, Surrey, 1950); England under Stuart rule (City of London Book Depot, London, 1898); Legends of Trevillet glen and waterfall (London, 1914); Materials for a history of Moulton (Campion and Sons, Northampton, 1903); Moulton Church and its bells (Elliot Stock, London, 1895); Notes on the family name of Madge (Purley, 1948); Oxford and Oxfordshire bells and bellfries (Oxford, 1894); Records of Tintagel (1867); The chapel, kieve and gorge of St Nectan, Trevillet Millcombe, Tintagel (Bodmin, 1950); The Oxford mark book (J Oliver, Oxford, 1893); editor of The Borzoi County Histories (A A Knopf, London, 1928); The church and Parish of Saints Protus and Hyacinth, Blisland, Cornwall (Liddell and Son, Bodmin, 1947); The Domesday of Crown lands: a study of the legislation, surveys and sales of Royal estates under the Commonwealth (Routledge and Sons, London, 1938); Worcester House in the Strand (Oxford, 1945); Mosely Education Commission to America and Canada, 1906-1907 (1907); editor of Gloucestershire Notes and Queries (London, 1881).
DescriptionPapers of Sidney Joseph Madge, [1920-1929], comprising notes and transcripts of seventeenth century material relating to the disposal of Crown lands during the Commonwealth period (1649-1658) collated by Madge for his DSc Thesis presented at the London School of Economics in 1929, and published in 1938 as The Domesday of Crown lands: a study of the legislation, surveys and sales of Royal estates under the Commonwealth (Routledge and Sons, London, 1938). The material largely consists of notes and transcripts of Parliamentary Surveys and Parliamentary Land Sales.
Access StatusOpen
Copyright TypeCopyright holder unknown
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