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Title[Bangladesh and the Biharis.]
Ref NoSHORE/21/2
DescriptionLetter from Anthony Goodenough regarding the Bangladesh Sterling Agreement, 5 January 1973.
Report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations concerning the implementation of General Assembly resolution 2790 (XXVI) and Security Council resolution 307 (1971), 11 August 1972.
Concern paper on Bangladesh, 1972.
Invitation for dinner hosted by the President of Bangladesh, Abu Sayeed Chowdhury, 13 January 1973.
Paper, 'Economic relations between the United Kingdom and Bangladesh - past independence and future prospects' by A.R.Khan and K.H.Imam, 13 December 1971.
Paper, 'Industrial investment policy for 1972-1973: Preamble', n.d.
Letter from Syed Abdus Sultan of the High Commission for Bangladesh concerning economic and social conditions, 7 August 1972.
Bangladesh Observer, 10 January 1972.
Letter from Iain O.MacDonald to T.Williams regarding 4 children taken to Bangladesh, 1 September 1972.
Press release by Iain O.MacDonald concerning four children removed to Bangladesh in 1969 and left without proper care, 14 December 1979.
Letter from David Ennals regarding the Save Biharis Action Committee, 3 March 1973.
Report on Omega missions to Bihari communities, Khulna, 30 January-7 February 1972, n.d.
Letter from Denise Pyle regarding the Bihari tribe and Operation Omega, 26 February 1972.
Report on the Bihari communities at Dacca by Roger Moody, Jim Scarlett and Joyce Keniwell, 5-8 February 1972.
Memorandum by the Society for Defence of Human Rights with accompanying brief history, 12 December 1972.
Pakistan Youth League press release: 'Biharis handed over to their worst enemies', 1972.
Bangladesh Today, 1 July 1972.
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