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TitleSHAFT (Self Help Association For Transsexuals): newsletters and other print
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DescriptionFounded by Judy Cousins in November 1979. It became Gender Dysphoria Trust International in 1989.

Articles in the newsletter are on many various subjects, news items, extracts from articles, and personal stories. Some cover features and other articles are mentioned here to give some examples of the range of the newsletter's coverage.

Information on SHAFT, including "The reality of transsexualism", [1980]
Introductory Newsletter of SHAFT "of light in the darkness"
- Issue 1, February 1980
- Issue 2, April 1980
- Issue 3, June 1980
- Issue 4, August 1980
- Issue 5, 30 October 1980
- Issue 6, December 1980 [Stephen Whittle is listed as F to M Organiser and Advisor on SHAFT's Committee]

SHAFT constitution
List of members (no full names), 15 September 1981 (and a few updates)
- Issue 7, February 1981 (includes an index to articles in Newsletters 1-6)
- Issue 8, April 1981
- Issue 9, June 1981
- Issue 10, August 1981
- Issue 11, October 1981
- Issue 12, December 1981 (includes an index to articles in Newsletters 1-12. Topics listed are: appearance; attitudes (towards TSism); aversion therapy; bank account; birth certificate; booklet; books; causes; change-over; children; chromosomes; conference; counsellors; death; definitions (of TSism); divorce; documents; driving licence; electrolysis; emigration; employment (obtaining / changing over); facial hair; family; feminism; films; F-M; galactorrhoea [lactation]; gender identity clinics; gender role; general practitioners; hair; hormones; H-Y antigen; intersex; marriage; medical card; military sevice exemptions (W Germany); mysticism; name change; national insurance; other organisations (FACT [Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Transsexuals], Albany Trust, and TAG [Transsexual Action Group, London]); passport; pensions; post-operative TSs; press reports; prisons; psychiatrists; rape; reincarnation; relationships; religion; rights; social security; surgery; television (George to Julia [BBC documentary on Julia Grant]); transvestism; trial period; voice

List of members (no full names), October 1982
- Issue 13, February 1982
- Issue 14, April 1982
- Issue 15, June 1982
- Issue 16, August 1982 (including on the formation of the Association of Christian Transsexuals, ACTS)
- Issue 17, October 1982
- Issue 18, December 1982 (includes brief filmography of main TS-related films, pp.8-9; also mentions ACTS)

Lists of members (no full names), April 1983 and October 1983 (and updates)
- Issue 19, February 1983
- Issue 20, April 1983 (including autobiographical article by "Stephen of Manchester" [Stephen Whittle], "Of heaven and hell", pp.9-11, re his dismissal, due to being transgender, from a Parish Council job where he had established a 'drop in centre')
- Issue 21, June 1983
- Issue 22, August 1983 (also mentions ACTS)
- Issue 23, October 1983 (including: report on the 8th International Symposium on Gender Dysphoria held in Bordeaux, France; and, a paper by Bryan Tully (Department of Psychology, Charing Cross Hospital, London) to the Barbican Research Group, "Multiple identities as personal experimentation: a personal contruct psychological approach to transsexualism")
- Issue 24, December 1983
- Index of articles in Newsletters 13-24 (Topics listed are: abroad; Beaumont; blindness; books (April Ashley and Tula); causes; change-over; children; church; education; electrolysis; European Parliament; F-M [FTM]; family; films; hair; hormones; intersex; law; MPs; medical insurance; medical papers; nature of TSism; passports; post ops; prison; psychiatrists; Dr Randell; relationships; rights; surgery; symposium; television (Out of Court); TSism and TVism; video; wives; Terry Wogan

- "Handbook / Guidelines for transsexuals. Male to female and female to male and those concerned with their care and treatment", second edition with revisions, pamphlet, 28 pages, 1987
- "The reality of transexualism", paper by Susan Hill written on behalf of SHAFT "In response to the many enquiries received from professionals in the counselling sphere, for information upon the subject.", 6 pages, nd [c.1989 - p.5 notes that SHAFT "was concieved some ten years ago"]


- Vol.2, No.1, February/March 1984 (cover feature: "It's 1984! Big Brother and /or Sister is watching us")
- Vol.2, No.2, April/May 1984 (cover feature: "Going to the European Court" [re Tula and Nicholas Mason's cases at the European Court of Human Rights])
- Vol.2, No.3, June/July 1984, including "The Tula Interview", pp.12-15 [see her autobiography, "I am a woman" (1982)]
- Vol.2, No.4, August/September 1984 (cover feature: "TSs versus the DHSS" [Department of Health and Social Security])
- Vol.2, No.5, October/November 1984 (cover feature: "The International Gender Dysphoria Conference" [re the 8th International Symposium on Gender Dysphoria held in Bordeaux, France in 1983, and represented by Alice Purnell for SHAFT)
- Vol.2, No.6, December 1984/January 1985 (cover feature: "Inside the op" [re gender reassignment surgery])
- Vol.2, No.7, February/March 1985 (includes a four-page supplement, "Transsexualism: all your questions answered", January 1985)
- Vol.2, No.8, April/May 1985 (cover feature: "Transsexuality around the world" [summary information on USA, Singapore, Canada, Australia and South Africa]); also includes results of a members' questionnaire re SHAFT), and a separate list of "legislative and case law developments relating to transsexuals" in various European countries, 1 sheet, compiled by David Burgess (solicitor), March 1985
- Vol.2, No.9, June/July 1985 (cover feature: "Inside the pill: the hormone guide"); also includes an update on Mark Rees' case at the European Court of Human Rights [other editions of this newsletter also cover the case]
- Vol.2, No.10, August/September 1985 (cover feature: "The sexual spectrum: intersexes and the transsexual syndrome")
- Vol.2, No.11, October/November 1985 (cover feature: "The op" [re gender reassignment surgery for MTF and FTM])
- Vol.2, No.12, December 1985/January 1986 (includes the "TS Helplist 1985/86 (A-Z)" [listings supplement])
- Vol.2, No.13, February/March 1986 (cover highlights two new regular features in the newsletter: "Milestones" [focusing on personal milestones of SHAFT members] and "Picture gallery")
- Vol.2, No.14, April/May 1986 (cover feature: "The SHAFT portfolio" [members' poetry and reminiscences); also includes a news item on the establishment of the "Trans-Gender Archive" in Northern Ireland [now, in 2023, The Transgender Archive at the University of Victoria, Canada]
- Vol.2, No.15, June/July 1986 (cover feature: "The Eurocourt hearing" [Mark Rees case])
- Vol.2, No.16, August/September 1986 (cover feature: "Politics, transsexuality and the media", focusing on Rachael Webb becoming the first transsexual in the UK to be elected to local government [she was elected a Labour Councillor in Lambeth])
- Vol.2, No.17, October/November 1986 (cover feature: "Information please... electrolysis, hormone implants")
- Vol.2, No.18, December 1986/January 1987 (cover feature: "Thumbs down from Europe" [Mark Rees case]); with separate sheet, "TSs and the law"
- Vol.3, No.1, February 1987 (cover feature: "Genesis?" on changes to SHAFT, including Judy Cousins' "last notes" on leaving her active role in the organisation); also includes members' responses to the Eurocourt verdict
- Vol.3, No.2, April 1987 (cover feature: "The blessing" [marriage ceremonies])
- Vol.3, No.3, June 1987 (including on SHAFT changes); with members' directory (no full names given)
- Vol.3, No.4, August 1987 (including on changing birth certificates)
- Vol.3, No.5, October 1987 (cover feature: "TV or TS?")
- Vol.3, No.6, December 1987 (including report of SHAFT's AGM held on 8 November 1987)
- Vol.4, No.2, April/May 1988 (cover feature: "TS and the law", including article by Antony Bradney, "Transsexuals and the law" which focuses on the Mark Rees case and Corbett v Corbett [April Ashley]); the newsletter lists Stephen Whittle as SHAFT's F to M Advisor and includes his article, "A guide to getting started" [on referrals to gender identity clinics, and hormone treatment]
- Vol.4, No.3, August/September 1988
- Vol.4, No.4, October/November 1988 ("Genesis", focusing on SHAFT), also includes information on the formation of a Christian Association of Transexuals (London)
- Vol.4, No.5, December 1988/January 1989
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